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Aquarium Fish Feed

$8.00 $6.00
  • Small particles of about 1 mm are suitable for Lanshou fish.
  • Natural astaxanthin enhances color and brightness.
  • Easy to be absorbed and digested by fish.
  • Packed with the bottle, easy to carry.
  • 245g large capacity, can be used for a long time

Complete Food for All Pond Fish

$19.00 $16.00
Tetra pond sticks 7 Litre, complete food for all pond fish for health, vitality, and clear water. Product packaging relaunch is taking place across 2017-2018. Please note packaging may vary from the visual shown.


  • Each order comes with 1 x 7litre Tetra Pond Sticks
  • Size Name:7 Litre  |  Style Name:Bag

DOCEAN GreenSun 18CM Aquarium Light

$14.00 $12.00
This product is the newest energy-efficient decorative lighting, widely used in fish tanks, cisterns, rockeries, pet cages, and other. the RGB color changing led bar can make your tank looks very beautiful, you can change the color according to your mood, and enjoy the leisure landscape of your fish and reptiles swimming or moving around. Specification: Color of the light: RGB (16 colors) Size of Led Bar: 9×5050SMD-18CM Input Voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz (suitable for 220-240V electricity supply countries) Output Voltage: DC 12V Power: 2W Note: Power Plug: UK Plug Package Included: 1 x LED Aquarium Light Bar 1X UK Plug 1X 24Key Remote

Fish Tank Cleaner

$16.00 $13.00
Total Length: 253.8cm Long hose length:130cm Short hose length:44.5cm Hard tube length: 34.5cm Operation blub length: 24.5cm Inlet diameter:4.3cm Package included:1* Aquarium Fish Tank Cleaner 1* fish tank water pipe clip 1* Manual Warranty:45 days money-back & 24-month warranty. Any questions you have, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will get you back within 24hours.

Fish Transport Tank

$4.00 $2.90

This item is a amazing fish tank for small fish, which is made of premium material for durable and practical use. There is no pollution on aquatic life and injury. With great color and cutout design, it is breathable for fish. The little fish tank is simple and easy to carry with a handle, it will always provide a good environment for your pet fish.

Fungus, Finrot and Bacteria Treatment

$11.00 $8.00
remedy for aquarium fish Fights and heals more than 18 symptoms.
Size Name:20ml
acquire the following Article:

Hanging Glass Ball

$18.00 $14.00
  • Brand new and high quality
  • High quality glass material,Exquisite small exquisite, will not produce burst
  • Suitable for home,wedding decoration,KTV,living room decor

Ornamental Fish Food

$4.00 $3.00

This product is add natural immune antibodies, astaxanthin and spirulina, can effectively promote the growth of ornamental fish, enhance immunity and vitality observe fish, ornamental fish can effectively enhance the body color.Products added spirulina, astaxanthin, carotene and other nutrients.Balanced nutrition, especially suitable for fish.

Peaches & Cream Fish Food

$27.00 $23.00
An economy version of the ever-popular Peaches and Cream Fish Food. Kockney Koi Economy Peaches and Cream is a complete two-color floating food stick that provides a staple diet that fish will love at an affordable price. It is ideal for koi and other pond fish. Kockney Koi Economy Peaches and Cream Typical analysis: – Protein 23%- Oil 2%- Fibre 3%- Ash 9%- Vitamin A 3000 IU/kg- Vitamin D3 1700 IU/kg- Vitamin E 150 mg/kg IngredientsCereals, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Fish and Fish Derivatives, Minerals, Oils and Fats, Algae. EEC permitted coloring.

Supa Value Pond Flake Fish Food

$13.00 $10.00
Pond flake food is a lightweight food very similar in appearance to aquarium fish food but with a different formulation to meet the dietary requirements of pond fish. This food is suitable for small to medium ponds but can prove expensive where there is a high population of fish or a large pond. Supa “Value” Pond Flake is a complete pet food for all varieties of Pond Fish (Goldfish, Koi, Orfe, etc). Available in the 3-litre tub.


Wheat Feed Flour, Soya (dehulled extracted toasted), Wheat, Fish oil

Tetra AquaSafe

$25.00 $22.00
Size Name:5 L


Tetra aqua safe 5 Litre, to turn tap water into safe and healthy water for fish and plants. Product packaging relaunch is taking place across 2017-2018. Please note packaging may vary from the visual shown.


  • Each order comes with 1 x Tetra Aqua safe Water Conditioner, 5 Litre

VicTsing Aquarium Air Pump, Fish Tank Air Pump Oxygen Pump

$13.00 $10.00
Are you looking for an easy and effective way to maintain healthy oxygen levels for your aquarium? Do you want an aeration device that can improve water quality for your tank, and meanwhile beautify your aquarium display? With our air pump, you can easily create both hospitable and nice-looking environment for your water inhabitants. Specification Pressure: 0.008MPa=0.08Kg/cm² Flow Rate of Single Outlet: 13 GPH(60L/H) 2-in-1 Flow Rate: 15GPH-19GPH (69L/H-87L/H) Noise Level: 35dB Nominal Voltage: 220V-240V/50HZ Nominal Power: 2W Single Tubing Length: 1 m/ 39.4 in Water Capacity: 10-30L/0.2-7.9Gal Warning: 1. Do not connect to any voltage other than that shown on the pump; 2. Do not place where it might come into contact with liquid; 3. Do not place the pump near flammable or other dangerous materials or objects; 4. Use only to pump air. Package Includes 1 x Air Pump 2 x Air Stones 2 x Tubings 1 x Check Valve 1 x T-shape Connector 1 x Adjustable Air Valve 1 x Instruction