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Aloe Soothing Gel

$4.00 $3.50
  • A soothing gel containing 99% Aloe.
  • A fresh and fast absorbing feeling without sticky finish.
  • It helps to sooth all your irritated skin leaving a complete refreshing.
  • Multi care soothing gel that calms the reddened and sensetive face and b

Anti Wrinkles Cream

$4.00 $2.90
  • Improve and nourish dry skin
  • tenderly nourish 
  • make skin dilicate 
  • hydrate and moisturize   
  • nourish skin   
  • firming skin   
  • The skin is glowing and moist

Electric Facial Cleanser

$12.00 $6.00
Wash your face with water. Step2. After brushing the head with the moisturizing cleansing instrument, pour an appropriate amount of fragrance-like cleansing milk into the palm of your hand. Step3. Put the rotating brush head on your face and start professional cleansing.

Electric Lice Removal

$7.00 $4.00
Securely attach capture filter to the Comb combing head, ensuring it clips into place (until you hear a click) and re-attach the combing head to the main body by aligning the guiding arrows and twist to lock. Push down and hold the knobs on both sides to manually adjust the combing angle. Two set positions are available: straight or raking position. Brush hair to remove knots and separate them into sections using hair clips. Ensure Comb is the right way up and start from the nape of the neck and work your way up close to the scalp, one section at a time. Section the hair no wider than the teeth and comb.

Face Facial Mask

$2.00 $1.00
  • Formulated with rejuvenating ingredients to give skin supple care
  • Cleansing skin while bringing a refreshing experience to the skin
  • Rich in essence, good moisturizing effect on mask
  • Fit your face, use it for a long time to make you look younger
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to moisturize and whiten skin
  • Promotes skin regeneration for healthier moisturized skin

facial skin care set

$110.00 $60.00
123-piece toolset combines the most popular sockets, wrenches, and hex keys for easy accessibility. Also includes the most common screwdriver bits. Chrome-vanadium steel forged body for torque, strength, and durability. Tools meet or exceed ANSI specs. Full polished-chrome finish for anti-corrosion protection. Quick-release ratchet handle and reversible mechanism for easy operation. The case provides a convenient tool for storage and portability.

Fruit flavor Hand Cream

$6.00 $3.00
Contains botanical and fruit extracts, fresh fruit sweet, easy to absorb, gentle, and nourishing skin. The texture is refreshing and delicate, which can effectively help the skin to replenish the required moisture, leaving the skin smooth, supple, and supple. The water is tender and radiant, keeping your hands in a soft and beautiful state, adding extra points for beauty. There are five different botanical fragrances and five different botanical ingredients to suit your needs.

Hair Oil Perfume

$6.00 $4.80

enriched with super concentrated nut essence + vitamin E, fatty acid, linoleic acid and other precious hair care ingredients, can effectively repair hair, nourish the corneous layer, smooth the hair dry, protect hair from external damage;And lighten the hair instantly, smooth hair, give hair luster and texture.

Hot Hair Oil

$44.00 $22.00
This product contains ginger extract essence, with a variety of nutritional ingredients, nourishing hair root, maintaining healthy and nutritious hair, to create natural dense hair! This product contains ginger extract essence, with a variety of nutritional ingredients, nourishing hair root, maintaining healthy and nutritious hair, to create natural dense hair!

Moroccan Hair Oil

$6.00 $4.50

Containing Moroccan nut extract, it has been subjected to the world's advanced extraction technology to effectively resist dry, dehydrated and inelastic hair. It concentrates on repairing the damaged ends of the hair ends,instantly smoothing the hair .At the same time, it provides full nutrition for hair roots,making the hair stronger,lustrous,soft.Achieve the effect of preventing hair loss and promoting the growth of hair.