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Electric Foot Grinder

$8.00 $6.00
  • Gently and effectively buffs away rough, dry feet and hard calloused skin effortlessly. Innovative design gently and effectively buffs away thick and rough skin for effortless results in less time.
  • The machine cannot be washed! The frosted head can be rinsed with water and wiped with a dry cloth.
  • The frosted head can rotate 360 degrees and can be disassembled and replaced.
  • Suitable for Men, high-heeled women, old people and workers, all people with dead skin on their feet.
  • USB plug-in and battery power supply options (battery is not included)

Electric Foot Massager

$35.00 $22.00
Rolling / Knob speed change button can adjust the vibration speed according to the comfort you like Foot massage, magnetic massage, thermomagnetic physiotherapy This Electromagnetic Wave Foot Massager is designed to stimulate and revitalize weary or aching feet with a massage and soothing heat Massage each time for 15 minutes Infrared heating therapy function: Effectively seep into reflex zones, improve blood Perfect gift for parents, friends or yourself.

Feet Finger Spacer

$3.00 $1.50
  • The design conforms to the physiological structure of the foot,
  • prevent toe overlap , and then provide orderly arrangement of correction.
  • Avoid extrusion, promote blood circulation

Foot Care Tool

$3.00 $1.90
  • Excellent Podiatry Tools
  • All Type of Use Podiatrists & Personal Use
  • Ingrown nail files dual point remove sharp edge of nail
  • Ingrown Nail Lifter and clean under nail.
  • Files Toe Nail Outwards to Prevent and Relieve Ingrown Toe nails
  • Angled End Helps YOU Work in Difficult Areas
  • Non-slip grip handle
  • Relive Ingrown Toe Nail
  • Made of surgical stainless steel

Nail Clipper

$4.00 $2.00
BEST NAIL TRIMMER-these nail cutter made with high-quality materials, shaped and sized specifically for trimming fingernails or toenails. EASY TO USE-our professional nail clippers are for use on fingernails and toenails and are easy to hold and use with our super sharp stainless steel cutters. VALUABLE PACK-package including 2pcs stainless steel nail clippers, which can use for a long time without change a new one.

Nail Cuticle Scissor

$4.00 $2.00
This Nail Cuticle Scissors is made of stainless steel, durable enough for long time use. It could be used for professional doctor, manicurist, and home use.

Nail Oil Pen

$5.00 $3.00
Apply a small amount of nutrient oil around the trimmed double-finger skin and massage it with your fingers to moisturize the finger skin. Moisturizes the skin around the nails, making the nails healthy and shinyAdhere to the use of a smooth surface can significantly improve the skin dry and rough skin. Soften and eliminate keratin. First: open the cap, clockwise rotation of the tail, until the brush out the oil, Second: then brush on the edge of the nail.

Nail Polish Tool

$10.00 $8.00
  • Made of high quality stainless steel, not easy to rust.
  • Smooth surface and unique color makes it delicate, perfect for you.
  • A must product for manicure and pedicure.

Nail Trimming Kit

$4.00 $2.00
  • High speed rotation, powerful enough to trim and shape tough acrylics and toenails
  • Gentle enough to work on cuticles and weak or splitting nails
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries ( not included )
  • Functions OF Five Attachments:
  • Diamond Cone: Removes dead skin, corns and calluses
  • Grinding Barrel: Flatten and smooth extra thick nails and rippled surfaces
  • Small Grinding Cone: Carves into corners and hard to reach spots

Nail Tweezer

$5.00 $3.00
  • Type: Nail Art Tools
  • Material: Metal
  • Quantity: 1 Pc
  • Color: 3 Colors for Choose